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 Frequently Asked Questions. 

  Questions most frequently asked by our users are listed below. Overlook questions and read the answers, there can be you wanted to ask a similar question. It will help you to save a little time. Also, maybe, answer to a question you will find in Help - files, which all games and programm shell for them are supplied with.
  If you have not found the answer, set a problem to us. For this purpose proceed to the section contacts. We shall try to answer to you as soon as possible.

Q:  I have installed charge-free game, and at start-up it writes, that it is Demo - version.

Charge-free versions of games require registration, though any limitations on game is not present. To registr start game, press a button "Help" and confirm, that want to register. After charge-free registration you immediately receive a code of registration. On address of the computer mail you also receive the same code of registration. At free - versions of games after registration practically nothing will be changed. The reference to this site in a title of a window will be disconnected and the capability will appear to receive fresh news from our site. The game will be registered and will cease to write demo - version.

Q:  I have installed game and has registered it. Then I should move it on other disk. I have copied it, but it now is not started. From an old place I have deleted it.

To restore functionability of games, it is necessary to make their installation. If you have copied all directories, find in the .../Logical Games/Install/Reinstall directory the program begin with Installxx, where хх - name of that group (game), which was registered. Install game on that disk, which to you is necessary. After the installation the registered games will stay registered. If have made partial copying, it is necessary to download this game from our site repeatedly, and then to make it the installation. The registered games will stay registered. Pay attention to a version number of the program. If numbers do not coincide, it is necessary to download the old version of the program from our archive.

Q:  You offer to purchase the disk with the programm. For what it can need me?

There are some reasons, why it is necessary to acquire the disk with the programm. In first, you will have copy of games, which will not disappear in an outcome of a fault of the computer. In second, the games from the disk can be restored and free of charge are repeatedly registered, i.e. the registration of games, will not disappear. In third, you should not load repeatedly games from our site, and if at you the modem connection, is economies of time.

Q:  My computer has low clock frequency and monochrome screen monitor. Whether I can play in these games?

Yes you can. Disconnect in the "set-up" menu visual effects. That it was possible to play on the monochrome screen monitor it is necessary in an game shell - "LoG" to select game units, which differ by the form, instead of colour. If at you such units are not present, download and install the programm from section Additional.

Q:  I made set-up of a game shell, pressed different buttons... but then games have begun to write in the other language.

You accidentally have installed for the game other language. To return on the English language open the menu of tunings in a shell "LoG" for that game, which has become to write in the other language, and select the English language in a drop-down list "Lang". Then confirm the selection and press a button "OK".

Q:  A long time ago I have installed and registered one game. Then I accidentally have deleted it (but not uninstall). I have loaded game anew and installed it, but it has appeared not registered.

After such procedure a game should remain registered. Such is possible only at an incongruity of the versions or groups earlier and again installed programs. It is necessary to you to load game or collection from our archive and to repeat the installation.

Q:  How long does it take to to obtain my registration code after I purchase a game online by credit card?

After we receive your online credit card order, it may take up to several hours to authorize your trasaction. As soon as your charge is autorized, you will receive e-mail with your registration code. It is important thet the customer check his or her e-mail to obtain the letter. In the unlikely event that your credit card is declined, you will receive an e-mail stating the reason.

Q:  How long does it take for you to respond to a question?

E-mail responses are handled within 2..4 hours typically, with a maximum of 24 hours, on business days. Mail questions are filled within 5 to 8 business days of receiving them. We can answer to the common remarks and wishes whether or not at own discretion.


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